Sunday, November 11, 2012

Un chapeau rouge...

...sounds classy in French, non?  But no, I'm not one of the Red Hat ladies -- just a sewist with a piece of red velvet left over from an infinity scarf.  Waste not -- and there you go -- a jaunty beret!

Pattern is Vogue 9082, an OOP (I think) Patricia Underwood design.  Fabric is rayon velvet from FabricMart, a fairly recent addition to my stash, so there may still be some left, if anyone is interested.  Lined with Ambiance rayon, and brim (only) interfaced with silk organza, as I wanted to keep a loose, floppy effect.  Very easy pattern to sew, but lots of handbasting. 

Now, I just need to figure out just how I'd like it to drape, and just how to arrange the hair, and hopefully it will see the light of day!

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