Sunday, March 31, 2013

And then...

So, we survived four days without full power -- two days with partial power from a generator, then two days with zip when the generator went toes up -- and then we decided it was an excellent time to do this:

That's a laundry room after cabinet/counters/sink removal.  And that has proceeded with the usual home renovation fun (insert hysterical laughter here), but I'm sure it will be totally worth it when complete.  And if I say that enough it will surely be true.

But we can't let minor inconveniences get in the way of sewing fun!  And finally, after much dithering around, I got a spring version of Style Arc's Stacie jean jacket finished:

Not modeled, sorry, but then you've seen the autumn version worn, and it fits just the same.  Fabric is a stretch denim, in a lovely shade of green -- how on trend!  Closures are antique copper colored snaps (size 20) from SNAP SOURCE.  As mentioned, pattern is from STYLE ARC, Stacie Jean Jacket.  It is beautifully drafted, and sews together easily.  I took issue with a couple of directions, but I don't want to say they are wrong, just that they puzzled me.  First was the direction to sew the collar pieces together and then top stitch them before sewing to the neck.  I'm not sure how you can easily sew the undercollar to the neck edge along its entire length if it has topstitching already done -- perhaps there's an industry secret I don't know -- but in any case, I top stitched after affixing the collar to jacket.  Also, I couldn't figure out just what was expected to be done to finish off the front facing at the collar edge.  Could have asked Style Arc, they are very responsive to customers, but instead I just turned down the raw edge and sewed it down as I was sewing down the inside collar edge.  Worked, looks fine, no raw edges, happy sewist. 

There has been knitting, but due to 2 million (I exaggerate; it's only 50,000) ends needing worked in it isn't ready for its close up.  This was a re-visit to a former nemesis -- the Heartbeat sweater from Just One More Row.  I think I have ended up with a wearable sweater.  Not sure if I want to go through with explanations of my continuing issues with the math behind this one, but photos will follow. 

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