Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Monty!

He's a big boy now -- one year old today.


Lauren said...

What a beautiful boy!!
He's such sweetie. Happy birthday, Monty!!

Anonymous said...

Monty is gorgeous. I am a bit partial to Cavaliers! I have a 9 year old tri female, and a Blenheim female who was born deaf, and just turned 1 yr old. She is very bright, and has a large vocabulary of sign language. We adore both our wee girls.

Penny, in Alberta, Canada

Carolyn said...

I found your blog through sock knitter list and had to respond to your pic of Monty!! He is too cute! I have a tri-colored male named Stoneleigh that turned a year old in Jan. Aren't they just great little guys?

Karen said...

Thanks guys, Monty appreciates the comments. Despite the serious health issues that these little ones face, I think they are just about perfection in a dog. Penny, I'm impressed by the sign language. Hugs and doggie kisses all around!