Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look Ma -- Crochet!

See, I do still work with yarn -- and very lovely yarn it is too!

Stats: Color Changing Cotton 4-ply from Wolle. Colorway: Sunburst 2 Amount: 2 50 g. balls Pattern: a scarf from Ondori Crochet Lace, a Japanese crochet pattern book. Hook used: 4 mm - F

Of course you know there has been some sewing done -- but that's a post for another day.


ashlycounterman said...

where did you get the pattern for this scarf? it is gorgeous!

Karen said...

As mentioned in the post, the pattern is from Crochet Lace, an Ondori publication from Japan. Not sure if it would still be available, as I've had it several years. However, I think the real attractiveness of the scarf comes from the yarn used (see link in post). Just about any pattern you could use would look very nice done in that yarn, and there are many new colorways to tempt you. Karen