Monday, July 30, 2007

A little change of pace --

For those times when I don't feel like slogging away on the Sandy cardigan (oddly enough, occurring more and more frequently), I'm trying out an idea for a toddler boy's sweater.

I went with a drop-shoulder style - for ease in shaping - and a placket yoke, for ease in dressing said toddler boy. Sleeves and lower body are done in a simple hdc through the back loop on every row, and the yoke is sc, chain 1. Both very simple stitches, but I think they combine nicely.

It's working up fairly quickly in a sport weight washable wool blend. In fact, it's going so quickly that I'll need another 'Sandy procrastination" project soon. Maybe one of the shawl patterns that I just ordered from Heirloom Knitting (Sharon Miller), hmmmm?


Jo said...

I love the fact that you made a sweater for a toddler BOY and in the color my daugther-in-law requested. Will you make the pattern availible? The pattern is soooo perfect.

Karen said...

Jo -- thanks for your kind words! Believe me though, you would be tearing your hair out over any pattern I would be able to write. My appreciation of those who have good pattern writing skills is boundless -- it's really an art unto itself.